The Senate’s Narrow Window of Opportunity | Pass the America Gives More Act in September

Before U.S. Senators recess for the November elections, it is imperative that they pass the America Gives More Act, a bill to promote giving to the work of charitable nonprofits in communities across the country. Nonprofits across the country are calling on Senators to address the pressing needs of our communities before they focus solely on their personal political careers and their re-election campaigns.

In July, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the America Gives More Act by a strong, bi-partisan vote. The legislation promotes giving back to communities by renewing and making permanent expired charitable giving incentives that promote donations of nutritious food to food banks, conservation of land, and contributions from individual retirement accounts directly to charitable nonprofits. The measure would also permit charitable deductions for the previous year up to April 15 and streamline the excise tax for foundation investment income. Go here for more background information on the America Gives More Act.

Senators are back home in August for the annual summer recess. When they return to Washington, there are barely a dozen legislative days left in September before Congress adjourns again for the November elections. This means that Senators must return to Washington in September committed to passing the America Gives More Act as quickly as possible. And they must make known to their Senate leaders their commitment to passing the bill that is important to their communities and constituents, before leaving D.C. again to campaign for re-election. 

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